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PRODUCE101 : Latest News, Photos and Videos

"PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 3" reportedly starting the filming in Korea around August. . .

Kim Ji Sung from "PRODUCE101" got Miss Seoul Beauty (3rd place). . .

PD Ahn Joon-young, who was sentenced to prison for allegedly manipulating "PRODUCE101", rejoined Mnet. Reportedly returned quietly after being released from prison. . .

Lee Ruri, who appeared in "PRODUCE101", signed the exclusive contract with BRIGHT Entertainment.

Jung Junji, who appeared in "PRODUCE101" 2, whose death was reported on the 9th, posted a meaningful statement on SNS.

● The bereaved family seemed to have reposted the past post of 2017, which he posted and erased, but more sentences have been added.

● My management office tried a noise marketing by deliberately spread strange rumors, which destroyed my life, and I ended up leaving the management office. Although nobody knows the truth, people just criticize me. It is very hard. I did not anything wrong... Truly, all of them were crafted rumors but who will beleve me. Everything is waste now.

"PRODUCE101" former member Jung Dong-soo, contents of the leaked chat.

Woman: And isn't it far away?

Man: I'll give you the taxi fare! ︎ come to my house and sleep!! ︎! . It's because I'm so lonely ︎!

Woman: Tomorrow morning TT I have to meet my friends at school class TT

Man: What time!! ︎.

Woman: I would like to have a drink TT ww

Man: I, to have something tomorrow morning...

Woman: 10am ww If that's not possible, then turn on the live broadcasting

Man: The live broadcasting is not so free! (But) I can really relax (with you) !! TT

Woman: TT

*April 30th 3:49am

Man: I am totally drunk. ww

* April 30th 12:02 pm

Woman: ww

"PRODUCE101" former member Jung Dong-soo, the chat leak became a Hot Topic.

●Participated in the audition in 2017. There was a time when he was placed the second on the vocalist division, but dropped out at the final 36th place.

●A chat with a female fan leaked. .

● "I'll give you a taxi !! Come to my house and sleep!!!" . .

It is reported that Nam Yoon Sung of "NOIR", a male idol singer, who appeared in Mnet "PRODUCE 101" Season 2, is the one, who sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 years of probation for threatening and assaulting his ex-girlfriend. . .

"PRODUCE 101" season 2 performer, threatened his former lover with a weapon and sentenced to 1 year in prison with 2 years of probation in the first trial. . .